Membership is open to all residents of Inverness and offers the following benefits:

  • A copy of the “Red Book”, the Inverness resident directory
  • Information about other Inverness clubs and events
  • FREE admission to Association events.
  • A shared sense of community
  • Semi-annual newsletter
  • Opportunities for networking
  • Newcomer’s reception
  • New events for adults: Wine Tasting & Members’ Cocktail Reception

Dues are $50.00 annually ($45 Senior).  Click here for the 2015 Membership Form: 2015 ICA Membership Form

The Inverness Community Association (ICA) is led by a Board of Directors who hold two-year commitments. Elections are held annually in February. Interested in volunteering at some of our events? We’d love to have you! Please reach out to Mindy Stoms, the ICA President, at 847-458-1062.

We are dedicated to providing community events that help define the unique character and community spirit of the Village of Inverness. From our Fall Halloween Fest and our July 4th Fun Run and July 4th Ice Cream Social to our Easter Party and Concert in the Park, we bring families and neighbors together for a great time! And what a great way to make cherished memories with the grand-kids, too!

We hope you join us in our efforts to make Inverness a great place to live.